This is not my first blog or (by extension) my first post either. Multiple little blogs lie abandoned in the wild waiting for their master to revive them. Hopefully, this one won't go into the dark the same way.

I went with ghost for my latest attempt. Setting it up from scratch was pretty easy. The fact that I can manage and edit my posts from anywhere is the main draw for me. I'm probably never going to get to use the team collaboration features ghost offers. I don't have the cash to hire people to write my personal blog :)

Agreed, a lot of services like WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger let me do it. But those are hosted services run by someone else and always came with a Conditions Apply. Wordpress does offer self-hosted option but I still chose Ghost. Call it personal preference.

Blogging should be easy and fun. This is shaping up to be as much fun and control as I can probably have while writing a post (I'm writing this on my mobile from bed, saving for edit later. Damn you autocorrect!).

So yeah, I like Ghost.